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C2X Learning Café

Vision: Skilled SME, FulFilled SME

"C2X Learning Café " is a learning vertical of C2X where open programs are designed and conducted exclusively for SME segment. Taking further the C2X vision of “enhanced employability and career fulfillment of individuals”, the " C2X Learning Café " was established with the vision of "Skilled SME,Fulfilled SME".

Purpose Of C2X Learning Café


Key Features


Navratna Program series

…exclusively for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

"Navratna" is a series of soft skills and leadership skills spread over 9 months. It is best suited for small business owners and employees of SME organizations. It is a rolling series and provides flexibility and continuous learning to the participants. The programs are fun filled and provide experiential learning. The following programs constitute "Navratna"


"It was wonderful outstanding awesome and fun-filled learning exprience."

"Simple stepd but gradual flow of tropics help undersatnd and inspire us to go ahead in this line of growth, eye opener traning."

"I attend a recent workshop on "The Art of Effective Expression". 4 hours just flew by the amazing energy flow created and exchanged by the team of C2X. Each session is delight to attend, learn, and most importently cascade into our own organization."

"Activity based, so much realization happens than through any teachings."

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