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Sana Merchant


Sana specializes in the field of Finance and Marketing and has excelled throughout her academic career. She has been a national level gold medalist in Gulf region during her PUC. She has been a gold medalist in her post-graduation and a topper in finance specialization. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and an agile learner.

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day lead to your profession.” I am Sana Merchant. The passion of acquiring and imparting learning led me to join C2X in 2019, an organization I have known since 2014. As a member of the core team, I get opportunity to add value in various aspects of C2X, be it understanding client requirements, content creation, delivery of programs, marketing and business development. I enjoy the strategic discussions and possibilities of creating a high impact learning ecosystem.

I am passionate about learning new concepts, teaching & training. Over the years, I have realized my strength lies in breaking down concepts and presenting them in a visually appealing manner. This comes in handy when I am required to design and develop content for various Workshops. Part of my role is to interact with organizations to understand their training needs and design programs to meet those.

My previous role of being a Client Engagement Manager, at a FinTech organization, helped me in acquiring the right skills and being adept at driving meaningful interactions. I love reading books and my current role gives me the opportunity to do something that I love and something that is a part of my KRA. C2X provides me the right platform, in terms Work Culture, Value system and Opportunities, which encourages me to give my best and fulfil my aspirations.