…your HR with a Business Mindset

C2X is a one-stop solution for all your HR Consulting
Needs. We assist the HRM & providing the necessary support to ensure the workforce is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency.

Our range of offerings

One on One Consulting

Understanding the HR related challenges by conducting initial diagnosis through 121 discussions with the management & other senior leaders

Bringing in relevant industry best practices and proposing methodologies to address the issues at hand

Defining an approach for addressing issues


Recruiting the right people for the roles and assessing them for behavioral compatibility and cultural fit.

Performance Appraisal guidance and support

Capability to deploy Psychometric instruments to bring in objectivity and make the recruitment process more robust.

Payroll, Compensation & Benefits

Ensuring pay is in line with market pay levels. Making the role relevant from a pay and career aspiration perspective for the employee. Managing internal fairness and external competitiveness. Maintain pay ranges. Facilitate Annual Salary Increments

Enable a business aligned rewards strategy and pay distribution.

Answer questions related to pay to both employees and their managers.

Job Descriptions & Organization Chart

Writing job descriptions is an important step in planning staffing programs to assist in making sure staff duties align with company vision

Preparing & Updating Organizational Chart to find people who best fit each job description

For employees, the organization chart can be a lifeline, helping them to better understand where they fit into the overall corporate structure.

Training Support

Training Programs, Workshops & Learning Interventions can be conducted with high impact facilitation, customized content infused with cutting edge-research.

Programs to be experiential and deploy a blended learning approach with post training coaching support to ensure reinforcement of learning.

Performance Management System

C2X believes that Performance appraisals and assessments are just one piece of the talent management puzzle.

In order to build an empowered and skilled workforce, C2X along with the management would work towards series of continuous events that include Goal Setting & Revising, Management and coaching, Development Planning & Rewards and recognition.

HR Policies & Processes

Building knowledge & setting up various HR practices, policies & procedures.

Assisting in HR filing system, forms, and processes

Assisting in documenting policies and writing an employee handbook

To see through approved policies & procedures are implemented and any issues arising there in being addressed.

Handling Employee Issue & Needs

The support would ideally be from a guidance and counseling perspective

Employee Issues & Needs to be constantly monitored and addressed

Introduction of Team based rewards to ensure connects between the reporting mangers and their employees are strengthened and checked for cordiality, respect and team work.

HR Compliance & Legal Support

The focus here would be to reduce any legal liability arising from HR processes

Legal & Process Checks along the employee life cycle.

Ensuring a conducive work environment is very important from an Organization Culture perspective.

Build more awareness in the Management cadres and HR as to how to handles difficult conversations and situations.