Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills for Leaders

Most presentations have a great scope of being effective. Presenting is just not communicating the message. The presentation by leaders has intent of absorption and adoption by the teams.

Why Presentations are important: Presentations are the currency of leadership. Leadership is all about influence. One of the critical leadership competencies is the ability to stand in front of a group, connect with them & move them towards action. Whether you want your team members to align to the larger vision or adopt a new process, what will count is your mastery of the Presentation.

What is Possible: Presentations can be captivating & memorable and even mesmerizing. You need to move away from room emptying, left-brained slides-and use proven methodology to turn your next presentation into a great experience.

How C2X Presentation Skills workshop makes it possible: We train people on how to apply the classic storytelling tenets and practical research based guidelines- to craft memorable meaningful messages and create the desired impact. Our innovative, step-by-step methodology helps you to unlock the powerful story structure buried in your slides.

By leveraging techniques normally reserved for cinema and literature, our program reveals how to transform any presentation into an engaging journey. You will understand how to understand your audience, create persuasive content, and elicit a powerful response.

With C2X’s presentation skills program, you will be able to:

Discover the hidden story structure inherent every great presentation
Storyboard your ideas & harness the natural power of Story
Engage & connect with your audience powerfully
Learn from master presenters like Steve Jobs
Create compelling content which connects, moves & inspires
Inspire enthusiasm & action from your audience
Make your every presentation captivating, memorable & persuasive


Top books that a Learning & Development Professional must read

Visual Meetings by David Sibbet

As L&D/OD professionals, we are called upon to either run meetings or facilitate one, where complex issues are aired & need is to facilitate clarity & outcomes. Many times we have to design & run workshops involving a large number of people. David Sibbet provides great ideas & strategies to make these meetings both productive and fun! This book provides a host of ideas to get a lot accomplished while facilitating collaboration & helping to get the best out of groups.

Illuminate: Ignite Change through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies and Symbols by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez

This book gives a unique concept that an organization’s change and growth has an underlying structure of an epic drama. This book is a great resource for any L&D/OD professional as we need to design & facilitate change initiatives on an ongoing basis. It’s also a treasure-trove of practical ideas, case studies & templates, which can be utilized for designing & facilitating transformative conferences and workshops for large group of people.

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to getting your expertise used by Peter Block

It is a masterpiece in the field of consulting. Whether as an L&D professional who serves as an internal consultant or as a practitioner who advises organizations, you will find this book as an invaluable aid. It’s a book about some of the most vexing issues we face when consulting to organizations – issues of resistance, truth, doubt, vulnerability, and accountability. Flawless Consulting will make a big difference in how you think about and work with clients.

Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World by Margaret J Wheatley

One of the key competencies that an OD professional needs to have is an ability to perceive systems-how they operate & the various interdependencies. Organizations are dynamic human systems. Margaret Wheatley uses the latest discoveries in field of Quantum physics, ecological biology & chaos theory to offer a dazzling new perspective on how Organizations work. This new relationship between business and science is nothing less than an entirely new set of lenses through which to view our organizations.

Telling Ain’t Training By Harold D. Stolovitch & Erica J Keeps

It is an entertaining and practical tour-de-force for every trainer and performance improvement professional. Telling Ain’t Training tackles the three universal and persistent questions of the profession-how do learners learn, why do learners learn, and how do you make sure that learning sticks. The key message of the book, underscored by both great examples and research studies, is that humans learn best through active mental engagement.

Urgency to buy

Selling Insights 1: Creating an Urgency to Buy

If you are asked, what’s your No. 1 job as a Salesperson? What will be your reply? Think about it.

We have asked this question in countless Sales Training programs. Have got different answers.

Some say: Understanding the need of the customer while some say: Asking for the cheque. All these answers are partly correct.

But they miss one important point. We believe the No. 1 job of a Salesperson is to create “Urgency To Buy”. Customers can keep thinking about buying something significant for weeks, sometimes months, even years. Think about a major purchase that you made. There are always competing priorities. Even though the Need may be there.

So when you meet a prospect next. What’s your job? Get them to act. Nudge the customer. Create an “Urgency to Buy”!

How exactly do we create an Urgency to Buy? The first thing to realize is that people buy because of their reasons not yours. So to create urgency to buy you need to understand what may be his reasons for taking action. Or not taking action so far.. Understand deeply the context in which the decision is taking place. Secondly, the need should become clearer. More differentiated. More important. More vital. And thirdly, engage his emotions. There are two big emotions which drive purchasing behaviour. The thought of gain. And the fear of loss. So what will he gain? What can be his loss if he doesn’t act. And all this has to be to achieved in a conversational way. Not by a monologue by the sales person.

Lets take an example. Lets say that you are selling health insurance. And you are meeting a prospect. Yes, he realizes the importance of health insurance. But there are many competing demands on his budget. He will buy. One day. Maybe he is thinking about it anyway. What’s your job as a sales person. First understand his context. What kind of health expenses does he routinely have? Which kind of hospitals does he visit? What is the family health history? Secondly, make him clarify & concretize the Need. How much outgo is required? What are the typical health expenses? Also what may be repercussions of not acting. Of delaying the decision. Finally, engage his emotions. How it will reflect on him-if he is unable to afford the best health care for his family. How will it make him feel if & when he decides to act. And all done in a conversational way. By suggestion rather than forceful argument. By a well placed question. By letting him arrive at the decision. By nudging him. But he doing the talking. By making him think. Being silent when required. Then he will buy.

Same principle can be applied to any product or service. Whether you are selling Coffee vending machines or home decoration services or your consulting services. You can create urgency to buy. By understanding the buyer’s context. Understanding what may be his reasons for acting? And what may hold him back. Then making him realize the benefit that your product or service can give him. More importantly what will he lose out. And engage his emotions. How will it make him feel?

Try it in your next meeting. And see your closing ratios zoom. Same effort double the result!

After-all one can’t learn a skill by reading about it. You can’t learn swimming by reading about it. And you need a coach to speeden the process of learning. Our program is designed to teach you the underlying concepts in an experiential way. With enough time to practice. And with pointed feedback. So that you are able to achieve dramatic Sales results. Attend the 10X Seller program. Enrol now!!